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To fix all brake problems look no further than Alpha Off-Road brake repair shop in Valencia, CA. Our highly experienced mechanics can tackle all the most common brake problems and inspect the entire brake system to ensure its optimal function and increase the vehicle’s overall safety. You can count on us whenever you need brake system evaluation, brake calipers installation, brake pad/brake shoe replacement, old rotor/drum resurfacing, master cylinder replacement, brake hose replacement, brake fluid exchange, parking brake service, or brake system adjustment.

Expert Brake Service Valencia, California

You can rely on our experienced and highly trained team of mechanics to diagnose any brake problems you might have and deal with the issue in no time. We use advanced diagnostic techniques and tools to address the entire braking system and other vital components that could be affected. Our brakes service solutions include the following:
  • ABS speed sensor replacement
  • Anti-lock control relay replacement
  • Brake caliper replacement
  • Brake fluid flush and replacement
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake pads replacement
  • Brake vacuum pump replacement
  • Parking brake cable replacement
  • Replacement of a brake shoe
  • Replacement of brake master cylinder
  • Resurfacing of drums/rotors
  • Rotor re-alignment

Why Choose Alpha Off-Road Brake Shop?

We deliver prompt and reliable brake services to ensure your vehicle’s safety, providing complete parts and labor warranty. Do you need more reasons to choose us over another brake service near me results? Here is what we offer alongside top-notch brake service.
100% Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction
100% Customer Satisfaction

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We Use Original Parts
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Brakes Repair

Our experienced and professional team is there for you, whether you have a vehicle with older drum brakes or a newer model requiring new brake pads. We perform brake service thoroughly, making sure everything works fine before hitting the off-road trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change brake fluid?
It depends on the owner’s manual. For example, some brands suggest new brake fluid every two years, while fluids containing too much copper (over 200 ppm) need to be changed more often.
How often do the brakes need to be serviced?
The answer depends on your vehicle, climate, brake parts, and most importantly, your driving patterns. The average life of brake pads or shoes is from 20,000 to 80,000 miles, while brake fluid may last up to 5 years. However, these numbers may not apply to everyone. So, it is vital to conduct a regular brake inspection and check whether your brakes need an upgrade.
How long do brake pads and rotators last?
Brake rotors and pads tend to wear down over time, which may also depend on your driving style. Vehicles that drive in town with a lot of stop-and-goes are more prone to tearing brake friction material than vehicles that spend most of the time on highways.
How to know that my brakes are failing?
It is vital to detect the most common brake failing signs and prevent potential inconveniences on and off-road. For example:

  • Dashboard warnings, including BRAKE light, ABS light, or Check Engine light
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Change in brake response
  • Noise, shaking, or vibration when braking
  • Soft or spongy brakes
  • Hard or stiff brakes
  • Engine misfiring
  • Vehicle pulling to one side when braking.
Where to get brakes done?
You can rely on Alpha Off-Road whether you need us to repair, replace, or inspect your brakes. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (818) 599-9143 and make sure your off-road adventures are safe and exciting.