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With Alpha Off-Road Shop, you can prepare for an outstanding off-road adventure with increased safety, comfort, and style. We deliver top-notch truck leveling kit services in Valenca, CA to prepare your off-road vehicle - truck, SUV and 4X4 for toughest roads in California. Our leveling kit installation service boasts a wide variety of off-road vehicles and can adjust them to all the conditions and payloads. Leveling kits installed by Alpha Off-road crew come in a fixed or adjustable height to help level the vehicle, delivering utmost performance and enhanced aesthetics.
Our best-in-class truck leveling services reflect in using genuine parts from the most reputable names in the industry, including but not limited to ReadyLIFT, Rough Country, BDS Suspension, Power Tank, King Shocks, Nitto, Teraflex, Method Race Wheels, Fox, and more.

5-Star Lift Kit Installation Services in Santa Clarita Valley

Emailed Art about getting some work done to my FJ, he was quick to answer and to provide advise. Excellent work, excellent customer service, highly recommended. I took my truck in for new tires and a leveling kit.. and she turned out great!!!

Thank you Art for your help and service ...
Oscar V. - Valencia, CA

I give this place 5 stars! I spoke to Art and I had no clue what I wanted for my Jeep Wrangler sport JK. He helped me understand and gave me good advice on what I should be purchasing for my price range. Art was great he didn't pressure me at all and was super knowledgeable about every question I had. Now that I lifted my Jeep and added new wheels and tires I will be going back to add more. I definitely recommend this place.

The staff is just so helpful and friendly. ...
Hani Y. - Valencia, CA

Called Alpha for a leveling kit for my Ford Ranger and I spoke to Art. Super helpful and he gave me a very reasonable price for the work.

Took the truck to him and he had it done in less than a day time. Couldn't be happier with the results, the way the truck sits now and on the alignment as well.

I will be returning back to Alpa when I'll need something else done to my truck in the future. I definitely recommend these guys for their professionalism and great customer service. ...
Pouria M. - Valencia, CA

Wow!!...I Can't say enough good things about Alpha Off-Road and It's owner Art. I had an RC Lift installed along with New Wheels and Tires as well as balancing, alignment and Trim work All Performed with Art at Alpha OffRoad. He's very detail oriented as well as patient and takes the time to communicate all the facets of a project like this. I'm very pleased with the results and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any off-road project you may have. He additionally fit me into his busy schedule...and would quickly respond to my phone calls or texts. Definitely planning on using him again in the future for additional work.

Thx again Art!!...Love my truck!! ...

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Alpha Off-Road Shop uses the best leveling kits to ensure your vehicle's improved look and added safety. An unbalanced vehicle may sag towards the end, making the truck look less appealing. Besides, poor leveling may affect other vital components, such as handling, suspension, and tire wear. With us by your side, you can begin your off-road adventures with confidence and peace of mind. Our leveling kit installation service includes:

  • Raising /lowering the suspensions at each end
  • Quality and thorough service
  • Adding extra ground clearance to fit larger wheels and tires
  • And more.

Leveling Kits Essential Benefits

Leveling kits for trucks can be of much help when it comes to boosting your off-road vehicle's performance and appearance. Some o its most prominent advantages include:

  • Enhances the truck's look
  • Improves truck's towing performance
  • Adds extra space for bigger wheels and tires.

Why Choose Alpha Off-Road Truck Leveling Services in Valencia, California?

As an off-road driver who lives for an adventure, you need the greatest leveling kit for trucks only Alpha Off-Road can provide. With our high-quality services and competitive prices, you can expect to see your vehicle's improved performance and increased safety that takes your off-roading experience to the next level

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100% Customer Satisfaction
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a leveling kit do?
One of the most asked questions is what does a leveling kit do for your truck? A leveling kit can slightly raise the front of the vehicle to ensure it matches the back height. It provides a maximum lift of 2 inches in the front.
Body lift vs. leveling kit?
Unlike leveling kit, a lift kit can raise the truck much higher into the air. Additionally, lift kits are more comprehensive than leveling kits, meaning that they feature new shocks, springs, control arms, and anything else that helps maintain the desired height.
Does a leveling kit affect ground clearance?
A leveling kit will provide your truck with 3 inches of added ground clearance in the vehicle's front.
Does a leveled truck allow me to install larger tires?
By installing a leveling kit on your truck, you will have more space to upgrade to a bigger set of wheels and tires. The exact set size will depend on how high you choose to raise your vehicle.
Can leveling kit affect my ride?
A leveling kit can enhance your ride quality and comfort, providing your truck with excellent articulation.
How much does it cost to level a truck?
Installing a leveling kit may cost from around $30 to $500, but the specific price will depend on the vehicle type and lift height.
Can I install a leveling kit myself?
It is not impossible to install a leveling kit at home because most manufacturers send detailed instructions. However, not all the kits are created equal, meaning that some may require mechanic tools and a certain level of expertise to install correctly.
Where can I get a leveling kit installed?
If you are wondering where to get a leveling kit installed, go to Alpha Off-Road. We are located in 24309 Creekside Rd. Unit 117, Valencia, CA 91355. Our staff can ensure your vehicle gets better performance and appearance that won't go unnoticed.