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Do you want to take your off-road experience to the next level? Count on a professional team from Alpha Off-Road Shop in Valencia, CA, to provide a top-notch lift kit installation to raise your truck or 4x4. We can address a wide variety of off-road vehicles, delivering an unmatched experience to off-road enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate to call us to request an appointment or get more information.
We deliver the best truck lifting service by using the parts of the most prominent truck lift kit brands, including but not limited to ReadyLIFT, Rough Country, BDS Suspension, Power Tank, King Shocks, Nitto, Teraflex, Method Race Wheels, Fox, and more.

5-Star Lift Kit Installation Services in Santa Clarita Valley

Called Alpha for a leveling kit for my Ford Ranger and I spoke to Art. Super helpful and he gave me a very reasonable price for the work. Took the truck to him and he had it done in less than a day time. Couldn't be happier with the results, the way the truck sits now and on the alignment as well. I will be returning back to Alpa when I'll need something else done to my truck in the future. I definitely recommend these guys for their professionalism and great customer service. ...
Pouria M. - Valencia, CA

Art was such a huge help. I brought in a 1997 Pathfinder. And if you don't know, the aftermarket support is weak. So had a bunch of parts from different manufacturers to get installed. Some not a direct fit. Art got back to me quick with the quote on a fairly extensive list of work I had requested. Booked an appointment, kept in touch as things came up to discuss options, great pricing, and still got the job done in a few days. What's not to love?! Great shop, and I will absolutely be recommending all my friends to Alpha Off Road for work done. Now my pathy is ready and capable for the trails! ...
Jeffrey J. - Valencia, CA
These guys are great! I had them install new rims and purchased tires from them for my 4Runner. I had the rims delivered to them directly from the manufacturer. They called me to let me know they had arrived and we set up an appointment to get them installed balanced and mounted. Very knowledgeable and professional. They made sure there wasn't any rubbing or other issues. I could not be happier at the service. The best part is that they also do mechanical repairs, brakes etc other than off road services. One stop shop.....
Anthony K. - Valencia, CA
We have a new Ford Transit van that we wanted to get a leveling kit installed on and had a real issue finding anyone that knew what to do or how to do it on this new van. We purchased the kit directly from Van Compass but couldn't find anyone to install it for us that we trusted. We found Alpha Off Road and after speaking with Art, I knew this was the place. It was obvious that they knew what they were doing and they did a great job. We're very happy with the leveling kit and would and will go back for future work!....
Jill G. - Valencia, CA

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Paramount Truck Lift Shop in Valencia, CA

With Alpha Off-Road Shop, you can safely and thoroughly prepare your vehicle for rock climbing, mudding, or other off-road adventures to boost your adrenaline. You can rely on us to install a lift kit, suspension kit, leveling kit and custom wheels and tires. After we’ve examined your truck, we can help you find the most appropriate gear for your vehicle.

Body Lift Kit Installation

We are one of those places that install lift kits ideal for curb appeal and a top-notch installation of wheels and bigger tires. Our body lift kit installation includes raising your truck’s body and altering your vehicle without changing the steering and suspension.

Lift Kit Essential Benefits

With our truck lift kit installation services, you’ll experience a set of benefits that will enhance your vehicle’s overall performance and curb appeal. Truck lift kits benefits: Its installation doesn’t affect the ride quality and comfort, Allows larger off-road tires up to 33 inches and much more.

Why Choose Alpha Off-Road Shop to Install Truck Lift Kit?

Among all the “lift kit installation near me” search results, Alpha Off-Road Shop in Valencia should be your go-to choice for many reasons. Apart from providing top-class truck lift and leveling services, we deliver a wide range of high-quality general repairs, engine repair, transmission repair, heating and auto A/C repairs, tire repairs, and more.
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100% Customer Satisfaction
100% Customer Satisfaction

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Avoid choosing mediocre services for body lift trucks. As an adventurous off-road traveler, you deserve only the best of the best. Hire Alpha Off-Road Shop to get the best and body lift trucks services for taking your vehicle’s performance to the next level without breaking the bank.

Truck Lift Kit Installation FAQs

What is a lift kit?
A lift kit can raise the body of your truck or SUV from 1 to 7 inches in height, providing a greater ground clearance, and enhancing your vehicle’s off-road riding performance.
Why choose professionals instead of installing the kit by yourself?
Although it is possible to install the kit at home, it works only for basic lift or leveling kits. If you want next-level truck lift kit installation, it is better to hire professionals because an advanced installation process requires jacks and other mechanical tools.
Where can I get my truck lifted?
Whenever you’re unsure about which truck lift shop to choose, go for Alpha Off-Road. Apart from providing top-class kit installation services and auto repair, we deliver exceptional customer experience, professional advice, and competitive prices to enhance your off-road adventure.