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Roaming for a fast and reliable oil change in Valencia, CA for your 4x4, truck or car? Look no further than Alpha Off-Road shop. Art and his mechanics use the latest technology, tools, and parts to ensure your service is done right the first time. Oil change service includes: draining the oil, replacing the filter, and refilling with fresh oil following the manufacturer's oil viscosity recommendations.

We offer a full line of oil changes, covering - synthetic blend, full synthetic, high mileage, European, diesel, and many other oils from the leading brands. At the finest Santa Clarita oil change service, our team of car experts is ready to help you make the right decision for your vehicle.

Full-Service Oil Change

Our mechanics will do more than change your oil. Our in-depth oil change service includes but isn't limited to:
  • Replacing the oil filter;
  • Inspecting & topping off all fluids under the hood;
  • Oiling all fittings;
  • Checking engine for leaks;
  • Checking belts and hoses;
  • Checking entire undercarriage;
  • Checking brake fluid level;
  • Inspecting the air filter;

Why Choose Alpha Off-road for Your Next Oil Change?

When you visit our auto repair shop at 24309 Creekside Rd. Unit 117, Valencia, you can rest assured that deliver the best service in the area. Our staff utilizes top-grade oils based on your vehicle's age, condition, and use, whether it requires conventional or synthetic oil.

  • Certified mechanics
  • 20+ years of auto work experience
  • Top-quality oils and filters
  • We use OEM part and lube
  • We service diesel and gas engines
  • Dealer-level vehicle diagnostic
  • Personalized services for your unique need
  • Excellent customer service, check us on Yelp
  • Best prices in Santa Clarita Valley
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Oli Change Benefits

Regular maintenance is pivotal to protecting any car, and oil change is too often neglected. Here are the 5 top reasons why it should be a priority.
Better engine performance

Clean oil enables an engine's internal components to operate smoother and easier, allowing an engine to maximize its mechanical output;
Cleaner engine

Regular oil changing eliminates debris and ensures that an engine is bathed and lubricated with clean, quality engine oil;
Longer engine life

Wear and friction are the two main reasons for engine wear and failure; regular oil changes minimize engine wear and result in a longer-lasting vehicle engine;
Increased gas mileage

It infuses an engine with clean, quality engine oil that delivers better lubrication and friction-reducing capabilities than old, dirty oil. This enables an engine to run more comfortable and smoother and leads to increased gas mileage;
Lower emissions

Clean oil allows an engine to run cleaner, and a cleaner running motor emits less exhaust than a dirty one.

Get the Quickest Oil Change

Whether you're dropping in for a fast oil change or additional services, you can count on us. Whether your vehicle uses diesel, premium full-synthetic or premium synthetic blend oil, save money and time with Alpha Off-Road's offer. For more information, call us or fill out the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?
There are 3 key reasons your engine needs oil:

  1. Oil lubricates all the moving pieces in the engine to keep everything running smoothly;
  2. It stops the vehicle from overheating (and smoking up the highway!) by reducing friction, transferring the heat, and absorbing by-products from combustion.
  3. A proper oil level keeps everything flowing properly, so the engine system doesn't starve.
How Often to Change Oil?
According to the vehicle age, type of oil, and driving conditions, oil change intervals will differ. It used to be standard to change the oil every 3k miles, but with today's lubricants, most engines have recommended oil change intervals between 5,000 to 7,500 miles.
How Long Does an Oil Change Take?
An oil change is an important part of routine vehicle maintenance, but fortunately, it's not a time-consuming one. You can expect this service to be completed between 30 and 45 minutes from the start of the service. Our process includes draining out the existing oil, changing the oil filter, and placing new oil into the engine.
How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?
Premium quality synthetic oil changes can cost between $20 and $30 for a 5-quart bottle, which directly adds to the total cost – and ranges between $50 to $80 for both an oil and a filter replacement.
Why Is Oil Change Different for Diesel Vehicles?
Diesel engine oils contain higher amounts of additives than gasoline motor oils since diesel motors tend to be dirtier. When it comes to the labor included, diesel engines don't really need extra care, though they need more frequent oil and filter changes.
What Happens to an Engine Without Oil?
When your engine tries to run without oil, things get hot quickly. Without adequate lubrication, all of your motor's metal parts start rubbing together, producing an unsustainable level of heat, and wearing prematurely. The engine will then seize up and fail, an issue that could potentially leave you stranded and stuck with costly repair costs.
What is Engine Oil Viscosity?
It refers to how easily oil pours at a specified temperature. Thin oils have lower viscosity and flow more easily at low temperatures than thicker oils with a higher viscosity.