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Whether you’re using your pickup truck for work or off-road adventures, Alpha Off-Road is here to ensure you are getting the most out of it. Our certified mechanics work with different vehicle makes and models, but our focus is on light-duty and 4x4 pickup repairs. We can tackle the most common 4x4 failures and improvements associated with the transmission, brakes, tires, leveling, suspension, and more.

We at Alpha Off-Road 4x4 repair shop use the most advanced set of tools and software to identify the faulty parts and develop the best custom-tailored repair plan for your Ford, GMC, Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, Dodge, and other popular domestic and foreign trucks.

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We work with the most reputable names in the off-road vehicles market, including but not limited to Rough Country, Power Tank, King Shocks, Nitto, ReadyLIFT, BDS Suspension, Teraflex, Method Race Wheels, Fox, and more. In addition, we offer a full warranty on parts and labor.

Googling for 4x4 Repair Shops Near Me? You’re in the Right Place

Alpha Off-Road offers the best pickup truck repair services in Valencia and Santa Clarita Valley. Our dedicated and highly trained mechanics address every vital aspect of your light-duty pickup inside and out, ensuring its optimum function for years to come.

Truck Lift Kits

Rely on our 5-star team to install a lift kit to raise your pickup or 4x4, and prepare it for rock climbing, mudding, and similar off-road adventures. We offer custom lift kits for off-road enthusiasts, delivering the utmost experience that will last for years.

Truck Leveling Kits

We at Alpha Off-Road use the best leveling kits to add an extra layer of safety to your vehicle and enhance its overall look. Leveling kits will improve your 4x4’s performance and appearance while adding more space for bigger wheels and tires.

Truck Suspension

Our suspension upgrades encompass steering upgrades, performance shock absorbers, coil springs, high-performance off-road kit installation, and other services aimed at thorough suspension repair.

Custom Wheels and Tires

We carry the best aftermarket wheels, custom truck rims, and off-road tire packages for your 4x4 trucks. You can choose from steel and aluminum and pick an ideal diameter, width, color, brand, finish, and bolt pattern. And we’ll install it for you!

General & Engine Pickup Repairs

You can trust us with general small truck repair, regular maintenance, computer diagnostics, engine light diagnostics, exhaust replacement, Catalytic converter repair, and other essential components that impact your 4x4’s off-road performance.

Oil Change

We deliver a smooth and complete same-day oil change service to Valencia off-road aficionados. Besides replacing and refilling with fresh oil, we’ll inspect all belts and hoses, brake fluid levels, air filter, and other vital components to ensure everything functions optimally.

Brake Repair

We can tackle any braking problem with a high-efficiency level by using the most advanced tools and techniques. You can count on us to perform in-depth brake system evaluation, brake shoe replacement, brake hose replacement, brake fluid exchange, and other adjustments to make your ride safer.

Truck Transmission Repair

We offer thorough and professional transmission repair and replacement, including repair and replacement of driveline, clutch, transmission fluid, as well as differential and driveshaft service.

Light-Duty Pickup AC Repair

We are highly qualified to diagnose and repair any truck’s AC or heater malfunction. We rely on the industry-leading charging machines to perform all the necessary adjustments and ensure your cooling/heating system, compressor, evaporator, and refrigerant work optimally.

Diesel Pickup Truck Repair

Alpha Off-Road specialists will keep your diesel pickup truck running safely and optimally in the long run. We’ll inspect your diesel truck with the most cutting-edge technology and diagnostic tools, making sure everything is up to date – from lights and suspension to engine and electronic components.

Why Choose Alpha Off-Road 4x4 Specialist in Valencia, CA?

Our team of certified and highly qualified mechanics relies on the expertise and the most advanced set of tools to diagnose potential failures and improve your 4x4 pickup truck’s performance to the maximum.

Not sure which one is the best diesel pickup truck repair near me search result? Here is why Alpha Off-Road deserves the first prize:

Stellar customer experience

Stellar customer experience
Financing Available

Financing Available
Original parts only

Original parts only
Custom Of-road Modifications

Custom Of-road Modifications
Complete parts and labor warranty

Warranty on Parts & Labor
Veterans Discount

Veterans Discount
We Accept Major Credit Cards

We Accept Major Credit Cards
Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

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You can trust our team with your light-duty pickup truck, whether you need a lift/leveling kit installation, brake repair, engine inspection, or regular maintenance. Our full-service pickup repair shop repairs and enhances diesel pickup trucks promptly and efficiently, ensuring you're fully prepared for your off-road adventure.