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Has your car been giving you a bumpier ride? Is it getting harder to turn your vehicle? Or you want to upgrade your suspension with the high-performance off-road kit? If so, it's time to take your car or truck to the top trusted suspension repair shop in Valencia, CA. Our diagnostic services can identify the source of steering problems and offer you the most effective way to perform repairs.
We provide a wide variety of suspension and steering repair services, including suspension customization, 4x4 custom suspension, truck lift kits, truck leveling kits, high-performance off-road kits installation, suspension joints, arms, mounts, springs, shocks, struts, and steering racks. Our mechanics only use high-performance aftermarket parts for a reliable and high-performance ride.

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We perform repairs on all configurations, two and four-wheel drive, SUV, trucks and cars. A technician from Alpha Off-Road car suspension repair shop will start with a test drive to evaluate the suspension condition. Then conduct a thorough visual inspection to identify damaged or worn parts. Finally, we'll pinpoint the malfunction source, the repair requirements and provide an estimate before you make a final decision. We use dealer-level equipment to diagnose suspension problems. Our off-road specialist will go over the details with you before choosing a new kit, shocks, wheels and tires.

Why Choose Our Auto Suspension Shop?

Enjoy a smoother and steady driving experience again by coming to Alpha Off-Road for suspension and steering repair services.
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Financing for custom off-road suspension kits
  • We use high-performance steering and suspension parts
  • Factory level diagnostic equipment and tools;
  • Family-owned operated auto repair shop
  • We service gas and diesel vehicles, SUV, 4x4s and cars
  • Excellent reputation among Santa Clarita drivers, check us on Yelp
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Top-Notch Steering & Suspension Repair

Get back on the lane with full control and confidence in your vehicle! Alpha Off-Road offers affordable services that are hassle-free and reliable every time. Contact us or use our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment. You can also stop by here at 24309 Creekside Rd. Unit 117 if you have concerns about your auto-steering and suspension. We are here to help!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Inspect My Steering and Suspension?
Everyday driving and conditions produce wear and tear on your suspension and steering systems. Their components, such as shocks, struts, ball joints, control arm bushings, steering linkage and coil springs, will wear and weaken during time. It creates instability in road handling, excessive tire wear, and loss of ride comfort, steering control and drivability. Having your steering and suspension units examined by a trusted mechanic will alert you to issues before they become a big problem.
When should I Inspect My Steering & Suspension Systems?
Your steering/suspension system should be checked on a periodic basis. Like all other systems in your car, these systems need occasional maintenance too. The best times to review your shocks and struts include:
  • Most car manufacturers recommend inspecting each system at every 50k miles;
  • Annually - regardless of miles - age deteriorates rubber and hydraulic components;
  • When your brakes are serviced;
  • When oil and filter are changed.
How to Know If My Car Isn't Handling Properly?
If your care experiences any of the following symptoms, a mechanic should inspect your steering and suspension units:

  • Unusually bouncy or harsh ride;
  • Vibration at any speed;
  • Atypical noise in the front end of the car when going over bumps;
  • Unexpected noise when turning;
  • The steering wheel isn't aligned straight;
  • Vehicle drifts left/right when driving in a straight line;
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Fluid leaks under the front of the car;
  • Vehicle sways, feels loose, or wanders when driving.
What are the Indicators of a Bad Power Steering Pump?
Like any other component, this pump is prone to wear and tear. It's essential to diagnose and address a low-quality pump, as it can worsen the vehicle's overall handling. Any unexpected changes in the steering behavior can be hazardous and put you at risk.

Read what the most common signs of a bad power steering pump are:

  • Squealing noise when the automobile starts;
  • The stiff steering wheel and loss of power;
  • Fluid leaks & metal contamination to the fluid;
  • Whining noise corresponding with engine speed.
How to Review Power Steering Fluid?
Follow these procedures on how to check the power steering fluid in your vehicle.
  • Find the power steering reservoir, confirm it's the power steering fluid by checking the label on the cap and take off the top;
  • If made of clear plastic, the low/full indicators outside the tank will show the current fluid status. If the reservoir is metal or tricky to read, use the provided dipstick (typically on the underside of the cap) to review the level. The dipstick includes indicator lines to report you if the fluid is normal, low, or high.
It's highly recommended to check while the car automobile has been running for 5 minutes to warming up. Always inspect levels with the motor off.
What's Power Steering?
It's an advanced steering system where the driver's overall effort is minimized by an increase in the power applied on the steering wheel by either electric or hydraulic units.
Does Suspension Affect the Steering Unit?
If the suspension is damaged, get it to repair to avoid more significant problems. If your vehicle pulls or drifts, a tie rod, control arm or spring could be broken. It'll cause severe difficulty in steering and impact your ability to control the car beyond casual pull or drift.