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Alpha Off-Road is a most valuable provider of the brand tires, wheels, and tire repair services in Valencia, CA and surrounding areas. Our mechanics are experts in providing high-quality tire services, including wheel alignment, tire installation, balancing, rotation, inspection, and pressure checks. We specialize in the sale and replacement of 4x4, SUV, pickup truck and passenger car tires.

Our tire shop stocks a large inventory of tire brands, including Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Continental, Uniroyal, and many more.

We Are Valencia Tire Repair Champions

Whether it's a tire repair or a complicated mechanical problem, our team of factory-trained mechanics can fix the problem the first time. We take the time to answer all of your tire service and repair questions, as well as discuss your everyday driving habits with you. Our staff will perform a complete tire repair from the inside out. This includes breaking down the tire, inspecting it and making sure it's safe to repair.

Before you hit the lane, hit up the team you trust for maintenance or help with tire installation and repairs. We have a range of affordable services, such as tire valve stem replacement, tire sensor replacement, tire pressure sensor replacement, and many others.

Tire Balancing

When it comes to tire balancing services, we pride ourselves on using the latest balancing machine. It performs a tire balance test quicker than traditional balancing equipment. We solve vibration issues, identify vehicle pulls, ensure correct centering, and eliminates setup errors to provide a new-car ride to your vehicle. Our staff will provide you with a detailed report and discuss the issue with you to make an informed decision.

Tire Replacement

When the tires' lives are up, Alpha Off-road is committed to helping you choose the best replacements possible. Our experienced mechanics consider your driving habits and vehicle. Whether you drive a 4x4 truck, SUV or passenger car, entrust the tire changing to our qualified pros and you won't regret it. Once you have picked your tires, we'll put them on your vehicle so you will enjoy driving smoothly again.

Tire Rotation

In addition to providing you with a comfy ride, manufacturer-trained tire experts from our service can rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Regular tire rotation prevents uneven wear, improves gas mileage, and makes your vehicle's handling easier when you need to turn or stop. Schedule an appointment to have our specialists rotate your tires and extend their life today.

Wheel Alignment

Driving with misaligned wheels isn't only an overload, but it also compromises your safety. For your next drive, make sure you're heading to the alignment specialist in Santa Clarita, CA. Our team uses stellar realignment equipment to ensure each service is performed with accuracy. We ensure that the wheels are at the right angle so you can have a flaw-less drive.

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Uneven tire tread? Blisters or bulges? Excessive vibration? All of these indicate the necessity for tire service. Contact us today for the best bang-for-your-buck tire service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to Replace Tires?
Many indicators, such as damage, irregular wear, and weathering, alert you to replace new tires. Still, the most common reason is low tread depth. As tires wear, the circumferential grooves and tread depth become shallower, reducing the tire's wet weather traction.
How Often to Replace Tires?
Brand-new tires should be rotated at around 5k miles since their deep tread is more susceptible to wearing unevenly. Older tires should be switched at regular intervals. Our tire experts recommend tire rotation at the same time as for regular oil and filter change.
Why Do Tires Need Balancing?
Tire balancing or wheel balancing is performed to slow tread wear and maximize tires' life. Correcting weight imbalances can solve vibration issues and other problems that impede overall performance.
How Often Should I Replace Spare Tire?
Because a spare tire gets relatively little use, it should last many years, but like all rubber products, the material will gradually deteriorate during time. You can perform the same inspection on the spare tire as you do on the regular tires by seeking for signs of tread wear.
Why Do Tires need to be Rotated?
Tire rotation is pivotal for both your safety and for maximizing the life of the tires. When tires are rotated to new positions, the wear pattern on each tire also changes through moving friction and torque to different spots of the tread. Ensuring even tread wear enhances cornering and braking by keeping traction consistent across the tires, improving fuel efficiency.
How Often Should I Check Tire Pressure?
It's recommended to check the tires' air pressure at least once a month because all tires lose air over time. Inspect the tire pressure before taking a long drive or when you haul or tow a heavy load. It's best to scrutinize the tires when your truck or car has been parked for several hours.
What's the Correct Air Pressure for Tires?
The right pressure for your tires is recommended by your car's manufacturer. Check inside the driver's door for the optimal tire inflation pressure for your vehicle, or check the owner's manual. If you are in doubt or have any questions about the tire pressure, our expert technicians can help.
Do I Need to Replace All Four Tires When One Is Worn Out?
Not by necessity, but it depends on the health of the other 3 tires. If the other three haven't lost much tread depth, you may be able to replace the one worn tire.