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Alpha Off-Road can tackle any transmission problem you are experiencing on your car, pickup truck, or 4x4. Our long-standing experience in the industry and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to perform the best pickup truck transmission repair consisting of transmission diagnostics, fluid change, or complete replacement. In addition, we can identify and fix any transmission glitch, ensuring your vehicle’s optimum performance.
We work with the most reliable names in the off-road vehicles field, including but not limited to ReadyLIFT, Rough Country, BDS Suspension, Power Tank, Nitto, King Shocks, Teraflex, Fox, Method Race Wheels, and more.

Top Trusted Transmission Specialist

Our skilled team of mechanics deals with both automatic and manual transmissions, resolving any problem you might be experiencing. We utilize the most advanced diagnostic equipment to detect and fix any glitch within your transmission system, preventing further issues that could affect your vehicle’s performance.

Our transmission service consists of the following:

Transmission Rebuild

Our technicians might be able to rebuild your transmission depending on how worn out the parts are. A transmission rebuild is a more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire transmission system since it requires you to replace the damaged parts only.

Once our mechanics have performed full transmission diagnostics, they will determine whether it’s possible to rebuild it or you must replace it. This will also depend on whether your transmission is manual or automatic.

Other transmission service solutions at Alpha Off-Road include:
  • Manual and automatic transmission repair
  • Transmission replacement service
  • Transmission leaks repair
  • Car transmission repair
  • CVT transmission repair
  • 4x4 off-road transmission repair
  • Pickup truck transmission repair.

Why Choose Alpha Off-Road

Are you searching for the best transmission near me? Choose Alpha Off-Road, an experienced transmission specialist, and get the best and most reliable transmission repair service in Valencia, California.

Apart from the exquisite quality of service, Alpha Off-Road is worth choosing because of:
100% customer satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction
Financing Available

Financing Available
Original parts only

Original parts only
Custom Of-road Modifications

Custom Of-road Modifications
Complete parts and labor warranty

Parts & Labor warranty
Veterans Discount

Veterans Discount
Pay using major credit cards

Pay using major credit cards
Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

Best Pickup & Auto Transmission Repair

You can rely on our professional team of mechanics to repair, replace, or rebuild your manual or automatic transmission. Once we’ve diagnosed your transmission and identified the source of malfunction, we’ll find the most viable solution to restore the optimal function of your car or pickup truck. You can find our shop in Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA.

5-Star Truck Transmission Repair

Transmission Service FAQs

What are the Signs That I Need Transmission Repair?
Both manual and automatic transmissions are comprehensive systems consisting of various components and interconnecting parts that are interacting. If any of them gets worn out or stops functioning well, you may notice some of the following signs that call for transmission repair or replacement:

  1. Fluid leaking from your car
  2. Burnt smell under the hood
  3. A delay in transmission shifting
  4. Clunking and screeching while driving
  5. The fluid on the dipstick is thick or cloudy
  6. The manual transmission gear shifter is difficult to move.
What is Transmission Fluid, and How Often Should I Change It?
The transmission fluid cools the gears inside and keeps them lubed. It is essential to change it according to your car manufacturer’s recommendations (usually every 25,000 to 35,000 miles), especially since it tends to break down over time. When the fluid fails to lubricate the gears, they are at risk of getting damaged.
Is It Possible to Repair Transmissions, or I Need to Replace Them?
If your transmission has minor problems that require replacing a few parts only, it is possible to fix it. Still, more complex issues may require replacement or transmission rebuild, which is often a more costly solution.
Can I Expand My Transmission’s Lifespan?
Yes! To protect your transmission and prevent costly glitches, it is vital to check your fluid regularly, looking for smells and potential leaks. Besides, choosing suitable fluid and driving habits may significantly impact your transmission’s health and function.
What is the Transmission Service Cost?
The transmission repair cost depends on various factors. If you are changing the transmission fluid only, you may expect to pay $80 to $250. More comprehensive repair or complete transmission replacement can be more expensive, depending on the transmission’s overall condition.