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Starting & Charging System Diagnosis // Battery Testing and Replacement // Alternator Services

Does your truck not do anything when you turn the key? Do you notice your headlights and dashboard lights begin to flicker or become dim? You may have issues with starting and charging systems, as they are responsible for regulating the several electrical processes to start your pickup engine and keep it running. Contact the best truck starting and charging repair shop in Valencia, Alpha Off-Road. We will quickly diagnose and fix your starting system or help you choose a replacement battery depending on your truck type.

All the components of your starting and charging system need to be in proper working order as they are crucial to the functionality and maintenance of the power that moves everything from the engine to the air conditioning system. Our ASE-certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your alternator, battery, starter, ignition cables, and spark plugs and have you on the road in no time!.

Truck Starting & Charging

We are here to diagnose and repair your truck as quickly as possible. We will also discuss the best option for your budget.


Besides starting and charging repairs, we offer many different services that include lift kit installation, leveling kit installation, off-road parts and accessories installation, custom suspension systems, custom wheels and tires, and general repair for trucks (regular maintenance, oil change, brake repair, transmission, tune-up, tire repair, 4x4 alignment, and many more). Whatever your need is – we can help you. As one of the most trusted off-road shops in Santa Clarita Valley, we present you some of the reasons why Alpha Off-Road is worth choosing:

  • You can count on our labor and parts warranty
  • Your truck will run great with the help of our dedicated, certified, and experienced staff
  • Amazing reputation followed by a competitive process and veteran discounts
  • State-of-the-art service center that installs only the premier quality parts
  • Personal attention to every customer – we hear you and respect your wishes
  • We make the process easy from start to finish with upfront estimates and online booking


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When Should I Replace the Truck Battery?

Batteries have a definite lifespan and gradually deteriorate until they do not provide enough power to start an engine. Most batteries need replacement between three to five years, depending on the truck's usage pattern and driving habits. Old batteries can pose a serious safety risk on the road.

What are The Signs of a Failing Alternator?

When an alternator stops working properly, a wide range of issues may ensue. Some of the faulty alternator symptoms are:
  • Dead battery
  • Dim headlights and dash lights
  • Malfunctioning or slow accessories
  • Bad odors like burning wires or rubber
  • Trouble starting or recurrent stalling
  • Whining or growling noises

What Can Cause a Starter Malfunction?

Since internal combustion engines cannot start for themselves, they need to be started with the external energy of the electric motors or starters. So, they need to operate properly for the engine to function correctly. Some of the most common causes of starter malfunction are:
  • Electric damage to the starter
  • Faulty electrical connections
  • Damaged starter pinion, single-pinion gear, or freewheel
  • Stiff or faulty solenoid switch (engaging relay)


Keep Moving With Alpha Off-Road

Dim headlights and slow-cranking engines usually point to a problem with your battery, starting and charging system. Allow our service staff to check the system on your pickup and avoid making your entire electrical system useless. Come and check our dealer-level diagnostics and seek our professional help as soon as you notice the problem.