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Customized Leveling Kits for Trucks // Professional Truck Leveling In Los Angeles, CA

Dear off-road enthusiasts, we have something to make your off-road adventures safer and more comfortable – the best truck leveling kit installation. We can enhance your off-road vehicle, allowing it to withstand the most demanding off-road activities such as mudding and rock crawling. You can count on our experienced technicians whether you drive an SUV, 4x4, or an off-road truck in general.
We use genuine automotive parts from the most reputable manufacturers in the off-road industry, including Power Tank, King Shocks, Nitto, Teraflex, Method Race Wheels, Fox, Rough Country, ReadyLIFT, BDS Suspension, and more.
Alpha Off-Road provides the best leveling kits for trucks to improve your off-road vehicle’s look and add an extra layer of safety. Many inconveniences may result from an unbalanced vehicle; aside from impacting your truck’s aesthetics, it may affect the handling and suspension and promote tire wear.

But we won’t let anything ruin your off-road experience. Count on Alpha Off-Road Los Angeles to install the best truck leveling kit on your Ford, Ram, Chevrolet, Toyota, or any other vehicle, letting you enjoy your off-road adventures with peace of mind.

Our truck leveling kit installation services include:

  • Suspension raising/lowering at each end to correct imbalance
  • Providing additional ground clearance to fit larger wheels and tires
  • Coil springs, torsion keys, and strut extension installation for suspension leveling
  • Comprehensive and high-quality service
  • And more.

Benefits of Truck Leveling Kit

Off-road enthusiasts can significantly benefit from installing a professional truck level kit. Besides enhancing your truck’s overall performance and aesthetics, a truck leveling kit delivers the following:

  • Better hauling and towing performance
  • Additional space for larger wheels and tires
  • Balanced front and rear of the truck
  • Better performance and enhanced aesthetics
The best truck leveling kit for you depends on your suspension, vehicle condition, and specific goals. Luckily, experts from Alpha Off-Road can craft a custom-tailored truck leveling plan to match your requirements in terms of truck performance and aesthetics.

Where to Get a Leveling Kit Installed? Try Alpha Off-Road in Los Angeles, CA

We are one of the leading leveling kit installation shops across Los Angeles, California. So, if you’re looking for the best leveling kit installation near me, let us be your go-to choice. You can count on our experienced technicians to install the right leveling kit on your Jeep®, Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-Series, or any SUV or 4x4 that requires extra boost for rocky roads and trails.

Choose Alpha Off-Road to enjoy the following advantages:

100% customer satisfaction

Stellar customer experience
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Financing available
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Custom off-road modification
Complete parts and labor warranty

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Pay using major credit cards
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5-Star Leveling Kit Installation Services in Los Angeles

Truck Leveling Kit FAQs

What does a leveling kit do for your truck?

What does a leveling kit do? The role of a leveling kit is to raise the front of your truck to ensure it’s aligned with the rear height. It often provides a lift of a maximum of 2 inches in the front.

Body lift vs. leveling kit: What’s the difference?

A lift kit can raise the vehicle higher into the air, which is not something a leveling kit can do. Besides, body lift kits include more features to maintain desired height – shocks, springs, control arms, and more.

How does a leveling kit affect ground clearance?

Most leveling kits add 3 inches of ground clearance in the vehicle’s front.

Can I add larger tires to a leveled truck?

A leveling kit provides more space for a larger set of wheels and tires. A particular size of tires you’ll be able to install after installing a leveling kit depends on how high you decide to raise your vehicle.

How does leveling kit impact my ride?

By leveling a truck, you get to enjoy enhanced ride quality, comfort, and excellent articulation.

How much does it cost to level a truck?

Installing a new truck leveling kit may cost $30 to $500. However, the final cost depends on many factors, including the vehicle type and lift height.

Is it possible to install a leveling kit yourself?

While it’s not impossible to install a kit at home, it’s not recommended to do it unless you’re mechanically inclined. Remember that certain kits require mechanical tools and expertise to be installed properly; if you don’t have these, you’re wasting your time.

Can you put a leveling kit on top of a suspension lift?

Lift kit manufacturers don’t recommend putting a leveling kit over a lift kit because, that way, you’re modifying the unit over its expected limits.

Where can I get a leveling kit installed in Los Angeles?

Rely on certified technicians from Alpha Off-Road to install a leveling kit on your truck quickly and efficiently. Please call (818) 599-9143 to schedule an appointment in Los Angeles, California, and enjoy a unique blend of aesthetics and performance that takes your off-road experience to the next level.