Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels may cause difficulties with driving and lead to faster tire wear. To make sure the wheels on your car, pickup, SUV, light truck or off-road vehicle are angled correctly, count on Alpha Off-Road wheel alignment shop to perform a comprehensive check. We will thoroughly inspect your suspension and steering systems, place your vehicle on an alignment rack, print initial and final alignment readings, and test drive the truck to check if everything works fine.
Our wheel alignment specialists can deal with any sign of wheel misalignment that might affect your ride. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify and solve any issue that might lead to unbalanced wheels, preventing the onset of further problems.

Our car alignment services boast the following:

  • Evaluation of suspension and steering systems, air pressure, and tire condition
  • Checking the tires of inflation, dimension, and wear
  • Comparing your wheel alignment to truck manufacturer’s recommendations and adjusting camber, caster, and toe accordingly
  • Printing initial and final wheel alignment readings.

Signs That You Need Tire Alignment

Poorly aligned wheels may lead to various inconveniences, ranging from uncomfortable rides to accelerated tire wear. Wheels can become misaligned due to many factors, including car crashes, spending lots of time on an uneven and bumpy road, hitting the potholes, driving with worn-out parts (loose suspension or bent wheels), and more. If you notice some of the following signs, it means that your vehicle needs 4-wheel alignment:

  • A truck pulling to one side while driving or braking
  • Abnormal and uneven tire wear
  • The steering wheel seems tilted when you're driving straight
  • Vibrations when steering.

The Importance of Regular Wheel Alignment

Correctly aligned wheels offer many benefits to truck drivers, mainly since it helps cut down on fuel costs due to less rolling resistance. In addition, regular vehicle alignment may prevent uneven tire wear, ensuring your tires last longer.

Disproportionate tire wear is the most common sign of improper wheel alignment, and it may result in specific issues such as tear feathering, camber, heel, or toe wear. The more affected parts you have due to misalignment, the higher the repair cost will be, and it's critical to prevent it on time.

Why Choose Alpha Off-Road ?

If you are searching for the “alignment near me,” look no further than Alpha Off-Road. We are qualified wheel alignment specialists that provide the best-in-class services to SUV, pickup, light truck, and off-road vehicle drivers experiencing any wheel misalignment symptoms. Aside from the unmatched quality of service, Alpha Off-Road offers:
100% customer satisfaction

100% customer customers
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Financing Available
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Paramount Vehicle Alignment

Count on Alpha Off-Road's experienced team of mechanics to align your wheels and resolve any issue resulting from the lack of alignment. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and methods to get your vehicle ready to hit the road again, safely and at peak performance. Don't hesitate to visit our shop in Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA.

5-Star Wheel Alignment


What is Wheel Alignment?
Alignment is the process of adjusting a vehicle’s suspension to ensure the tires are angled correctly, leveled with the ground, and parallel to each other. When checking your car alignment, a technician will inspect the following:p>

  • Camber: Too much inward or outward tilt (positive/negative camber) may indicate signs of misalignment.
  • Toe: If the tires on your vehicle are angled the same way (toe-in or toe-out alignment), it means they need adjustment.
  • Caster: Caster angle balances stability, cornering, and steering. In the case of a positive caster, the steering axis tilts toward the driver, while the negative caster makes the steering axis tilt toward your car's front.
How Much is a Wheel Alignment?
A wheel alignment cost may vary from $65 to $100. However, the service may be pricier depending on the vehicle brand, misalignment level, and the overall suspension condition. Call us to check price for your vehicle.
How Long Does a Wheel Alignment Take?
A typical wheel adjustment may take one hour, but it can last more if there is too much damage on the suspension system, wear and tear, steering bushing, etc. It may last even longer if some parts need to be replaced.
Useful Tire Alignment Tips
No matter which truck you’re driving, you should consider some general rules:

  • Pay attention to tread wear, inflation pressure, and comparative tire sizes. Keep in mind that some issues, including mismatched tire sizes, can lead to problems alignment won't be able to solve.
  • Note that worn or damaged parts cannot be aligned.
  • If you are dealing with a problem with a suspension that cannot be adjusted, don’t give up because many aftermarket parts can be used for camber and caster corrections.